There are very few Bible-based business trainings available to Christian business men and women desiring to meld their careers with their faith. There is a substantial need in the market, with very few options, therefore leaving a generational gap in understanding Kingdom principles necessary to fulfill Deuteronomy 8:18.


7Mountains Business is dedicated to filling that need, and passing along proven Kingdom principles in business to Christian men and women all over the world.  Training and events provide direct access to some of the most successful Christian business leaders in our generation, and they are dedicated to teaching and training the next generation.

Why Us?

With the successful track record of Andrew Wommack in ministry, and Paul Milligan,  Billy Epperhart, and more in business, we are positioned to deliver this training and anointing to business men and women all over the world. AWM  has distribution systems in place that will work to further minister to the Body of Christ in a way that is needed: finances and business.

We believe we’ve been equipped to raise up leaders to influence the marketplace.
Equip business owners with Kingdom principles to succeed in the global marketplace.